OcempGUI - a GUI engine for Pygame and more

Available widgets

OcempGUI offers a broad range of widget classes, either visual, abstract or non-visual ones. The following list only shows the visible widget classes, which are currently available.

Label (Example image)

A simple widget, which can display a small amount of text.

ImageLabel (Example image)

A label widget, which can display any image resource supported by Pygame.

Button (Example image)

A widget, which reacts upon mouse clicks. It can act on any mouse button click supported by Pygame.

ImageButton (Example image)

A button widget, which can display any image resource supported by Pygame.

ToggleButton (Example image)

A button widget, which retains its state.

CheckButton (Example image)

A button widget, which displays its state using a small checkbox.

RadioButton (Example image)

Button widgets, which let one choose between them.

Entry (Example image)

A single line text entry field.

ImageMap (Example image)

Image widget that deals with different mouse events.

Graph2D (Example image)

Diagram widgets that can draw 2d graphs.

ProgressBar (Example image)

A progress state indicator widget.

StatusBar (Example image)

A horizontal bar, which can display the date and info messages.

Scale (Example image)

Horizontal and vertical slider widgets for numeric value selections from defined ranges.

ScrollBar (Example image)

Horizontal and vertical scrollbars.

ScrolledWindow (Example image)

A viewport, which allows to scroll its attached child widget.

ScrolledList (Example image)

A scrollable item list, which allows to display data in a list like manner.

FileList (Example image)

A ScrolledList, which can display and browse filesystems.

Frame (Example image)

A container widget with a decorative frame and an optional labeling widget.

Table (Example image)

A container widget, which packs its children in a regular, table-like manner.

Window (Example image)

A 'window' like widget, which is placed upon other widgets.

DialogWindow (Example image)

A window widget, which sets itself and its children in a modal state.

GenericDialog (Example image)

A dialog widget, that supports different interaction results.

FileDialog (Example image)

A file selection dialog widget.

TooltipWindow (Example image)

A specially colored widget which displays text.